New Online Booking System

Posted on: 12 November

Welcome to the new online booking portal. The new online booking system allows for 24/7 access to timesheets allowing for more access for members to make bookings and check existing bookings. The below information will give you information on how to book as well as navigate the site as a whole.

Navigating to the bookings area

To navigate to the bookings area click on the ‘Golf Bookings’ button (right hand side of screen).

Making a booking

Booking your golf has never been easier. You will just click and select the event you want to play in and then lock in your tee off time. This time cannot be changed unless your login details are used to enter the site. This feature will make it much easier for members to be aware of availability. After you have locked in your tee off, the booking will appear in your “My Bookings” section.

The following guides can be downloaded and printed as a reference when making a booking.

Booking Guides
Default Playing Group

Have a preferred group of players you would like to hit with each week. Well make the most of our Default Playing Group feature. Click and select your playing partners for the day, it’s just that easy!

Personal Details

Your details are displayed on the left and can be updated at anytime by you, just by clicking on ‘update’ at the right corner under My Details. You will never miss important information being sent to you as we will have your most up-to-date details at hand. To improve communication between the Members and the Club, we would appreciate any Members who have not done so already, to please advise us of their current email address.

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